CreateEXE is a Construct 3 Template that replicates (to a large extent) the functionality of Megaman Battle Network games. There are currently no plans for it to contain all the features of all the Megaman Battle Network games.

It's final goal will be to replicate the Megaman Battle Network's basic gameplay systems in the HTML5 game engine Construct 3. This will allow for Megaman Battle Network fan games & spiritual successors to be easily made for Web, PC, MacOS, Linux with one project.

It is built to be easily jumped in and added upon, well documented and ready for you to create your own battle instances.


Z - Use Chip (A)

X - Basic Attack (B)

A/S - Refill Chips (L & R button)

Arrow Keys - Movement


  • Grid-based Movement
  • Custom Bar
  • Chips (Incomplete)
  • Basic Attack

Future Additions

  • Mobile Controls
  • Gamepad Controls
  • Basic AI
  • A few chip examples
  • More TBA

If you are interested in seeing this project go further, I will gauge the interest to see how much I will expand on this project. If there's lots of people interested, I can expand the scope of the template to encompass overworld movement, dialogue systems etc.

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