A downloadable game

An Open World Wizard School RPG

With a large focus on mystery solving, exploration, puzzles and a 2D physics based combat with intricate spell-casting!

Relive your life as the protagonist of your own world of wizardry
Become the only wizard in the world of Nox from Earth! Learn about this new world full of action-puzzles for those with a magical mind!

Meet a delightful cast of students, teachers and villagers!
Get to know their stories by interacting with them. But you only have 1 year.. who will you befriend?

Balance your academics and mystery solving
Solve mysteries and help out the locals of Noxrose to earn money to upgrade your wand, buy new brooms.

Side activities for your daily school life
Find rare trading cards for Artimus, and play against the students of Azufelt Academy, as well as other fun mini-games.


Development log