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The realm of Nox was created to separate magical and non-magical beings. Clay Quilt is an ordinary boy transported there and to attend Azufelt, Academy of the Arcane, as an exchange student. As the only one of his kind, he must learn what it takes to be accepted and stay true to himself!

  • Relive life in a realm of wizardry

Become the only earthly wizard in the realm of Nox! Learn about this new realm full of magical creatures, wizard duels and puzzles for those with a magical mind!

  • Balance Academics, Quests & Mystery Solving

Solve mysteries as you help out the locals in Noxrose City, earning money to upgrade your wand or cruise around on a new broom.

  • Customize your wand and make it yours

Unlock new parts as you progress in the story or try your luck with a gasha machine in Noxrose City.

  • Participate in side activities in your daily life

Find rare trading cards for Artimus and play against the other students attending Azufelt Academy. There's never a dull day in the world of Nox.


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