Teaser video and good news!

I actually forgot to update Itch, but we released a teaser video last month and got a lot of good feedback since then.

Over the past month we've received a lot of feedback and have taken some time to reconsider some of the features that are too similar to the Harry Potter series. I believe that anyone who would actually try the game would see that it very quickly sets itself apart from it's inspirations, but I still wanted to make sure this comparison wasn't made negatively. The biggest features/story elements that have changed have been the Broom sport and a house system in the school. Although there was never any malintent behind taking from the series, as we're all fans of it and want to create something that is inspired by it. I've started making these changes because I want the game to stand on it's own merits on first glance as well and not let the comparisons take away from the hard work being put in by everyone on the game.

We've also been featured in a few videos!

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